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Opening Beer Bottle

Are you looking for local beers?

Look no further!

Both of our locations have a great selection of beers made from this neck of the woods
Craft Beer

Take your pick of craft or domestic beer

Whether you enjoy the familiar taste of domestic beer or want to try something new, Bemidji Municipal Liquor Stores have a large variety of beer options for you to choose from

Please always remember to drink responsibly


Beer not your thing?

Between both locations we have over 100 varieties of seltzers in stock, with flavor choices for everyone's taste buds

Also have tasty options for wine coolers and premade cocktails

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask

Liquor Sales Benefit
Bemidji & Our Community

The profits from the Bemidji Liquor stores are used to reduce property taxes and pay for community projects (parks, streets, library, etc.)

Please Drink Responsibly.

Do NOT drink & drive.

5% OFF

Senior Discount every Wednesday!

10% OFF

Wine or liquor by the case!

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